Introducing the Bored Cashier

     Imagine that you’re standing in a rather long line at your local grocery store. Everybody in front of you has a shopping cart full of food and other household goods which means you’re gonna be there for a minute. As you get closer to the register, your cashier is slowly revealed. At first glance, she doesn’t seem like anything special. Her only distinguishing features are the color of her employee vest and the logo embroidered on the front of it.
But then you begin to notice something odd: there are an open notebook and several pens carefully arranged at her station. Every so often, she stops what she’s doing to scribble in the notebook for a few moments before resuming her retail duties. You don’t think you’ve eve seen someone working behind a register do that before. It’s so . . .bizarre. “Just what in the world would a cashier be writing about?” you wonder nervously.

* * * * *

     Hello, everyone. I am the Bored Cashier and this blog was what all that strange scribbling was about. I had to put up with a lot of stuff just to get to this point. Stuff like:

*Customers asking me what I was writing about. Never had any issue with that. It’s a legitimate question.
*Customers assuming that I was keeping track of people’s transactions. Really silly. First of all, why?! For what reason. Secondly, that’s what all of the computerized registers are for.
*A few customers actually getting paranoid, freaking out because they thought I was writing about them. They never had anything to worry about because such people are a waste of ink anyway.
*A few more customers giving me blank stares when I did tell them what I was writing about that day. Here’s an example and yes, it really happened.

*Customer: Hey, what are you writing down there?
*Me: It’s a detailed description of the jewelry set that I spent half my shift designing. (I
also design jewelry. More about that later.)
*Customer: 0_o #awkardsilenceisawkward
*Me: *totally confused* What?

Yes, I put up with all of that (with my usual pleasantness, I might add) because I knew that it would lead to something greater, something well laid out and well written. I relentlessly pressed forward to something that would clearly have a lot of thought and effort put into it. It could be the one good thing to make my ‘wasted’ hours/days/months/years behind a register all worth it.
However, I wasn’t always the Bored Cashier who is introducing herself to you and shamelessly scribbling in front of the shoppers and the management of the store where I work. Once upon a time, I was just a cashier who was bored and none too happy because I felt absolutely trapped in a job that I could barely tolerate.
Going from that bored and unhappy cashier to the Bored Cashier you see today was an quite a journey and should make quite an interesting story. So I’d like to share it with everyone.


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