Detox Diaries

Lots of things are eating at me. I regularly cycle between feeling lonely, trapped, unsatisfied, vaguely terrified, deeply conflicted, and lost. Lost as in “Damn it, man! What should I do now?!” I hate feeling this way. I hate how distracting it is and how it often saps my confidence and inner strength. I’m just so tired of lugging around so much extra weight within my mind and soul. Just how in the world am I supposed to move on into a brighter future like this?!
The answer: I CAN’T!! I don’t think that anybody can and I can’t wrap my head around how we, especially us black folks, are routinely expected to. It’s even worse when we expect this of each other.
So here’s what I’m gonna do: since I don’t really have anyone in my life to truly understand (or at least listen long enough) just what it is I’m dealing with, I’ll just describe all those things that bother me right here on WordPress. What I’ll write will most likely be very long, but at least it well be coherent and well written unlike many of the things people post here. Seriously. Spell check, anybody?
But anyway, the first thing that I badly need to express is that I’m . . .


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