My First Time with Metroid Prime

Playing Metroid Prime was how I was first introduced to the wide and wonderful world of Metroid.

     I came across this game about twelve years ago. As I recall, I was sitting and watching someone else play it. Back then, I could not have been more clueless about metroids or the legend that was Samus Aran. I still don’t understand how I could have spent a significant amount of my young life playing video games and completely miss something like that.
As I sat and watched Metroid Prime being played before me I . . .was actually kinda bored. I remember being really into the exploration and adventure aspects of the game and I thought that the puzzle solving was a nice touch. But I wasn’t too taken with the heavy combat focus or the FPS (first person shooter) style of gameplay. The limited field of vision just upped the vulnerability factor for me.
“What if I was playing this game instead and something attacked me from the rear?” I fretted. “Would I be able to turn around fast enough?” Yeah, I was not too eager to get my hands on this one.
Then something peculiar happened. The person who had been playing the game left it with me for reasons that remain unknown. I had fully intended to let that tiny Game Cube disc stay in its plastic case, untouched and unplayed. However, for more reasons that are still unknown, my curiosity got the better of me and. . .
Before I had even realized it, I had played through the whole thing and beaten it entirely! How could this have happened?! What force on earth kept me playing this thing? The short answer is having questions that could only be answered if I kept going. Questions like:

*What’s gonna happen next?
*What other kinds of devastating weapons and upgrades are hiding on this planet?
*And what exactly was on the other side of that insane ‘door’ with the crazy bird statues that I had to travel all over Tallon IV to find the keys to?
*Oh God no!! What the hell is that?!

     Now, about twelve years later, I’m still struggling to comprehend how a game I had no desire to play managed to suck me in like that. Playing through Metroid Prime had left such an impression on me that became an instant fan of (almost) the whole franchise. From there I went on to play the rest of the Prime series, Super Metroid (still love it!), the two that came out for the Gameboy Advance, and the one that everyone hated for some reason. Seriously! People, Metroid: Other M wasn’t THAT bad! It was just different, and that’s cool. But . . .um . . .what exactly was the ‘other M’? I played that whole game and still couldn’t figure that one out.


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