The Beginnings of Something Beautiful

     It all began during the early afternoon hours of Thursday, January 29th, 2015. I was getting ready for one of those 5½ shifts at work that I hate so very much. So. Much. Hate! Anyway, there was a sudden sound as a soft light started to emit from my bottom dresser drawer where I like to keep the game pad of my WiiU game system. Sometimes I forget that thing lights up and makes noises whenever there’s a new development on the digital marketplace that I will henceforth refer to as the Nintendo e-shop.
“Oh jeeze, what is that thing going off about now?” I wondered aloud, getting to my feet and fishing said noisy thing from the bottom drawer. Reading the screen: “Throwback Sale? Oh, yeah! That.” For about a week, there had been a special on the Nintendo e-shop: certain games originally released for the Wii (the WiiU’s predecessor) being made available for prices that I had no complaints about.
I had been paying just enough attention to the event to know that I hadn’t seen anything that I really wanted or didn’t already have. “Might as well see what’s new,” I reasoned as I touched the icon to open up the e-shop.
And on this particular afternoon, the newest Throwback was none other than the Metroid Prime Trilogy, a collection of all three of the Metroid Prime games that was released for the Nintendo Wii back in 2009. “OK, that’s pretty interesting,” I thought. “I have been sorta wanting to play the first two games in the series for a while now. And if I wanted to, I could just get all three here for . . .$9.99?! OMG, yes!!” Three full-fledged, 3-D games for ten bucks? There was no way that I was turning that down. I was totally going to purchase and download that sucker after my shift at work.
Looking back, I really should have realized just how long downloading such a large file was going to take. It was a little over 8 gigabytes in total and took several hours to install into my WiiU system. I started the download about 11:30PM that night and it still wasn’t complete at about 4AM when I decided to give up and just go to bed. No bounty huntering for me that night. “No worries,” I told myself as I drifted off to sleep. “I can still have a whole weekend of metroid-killing goodness!” Seriously, it’s not a party until those floating menaces show up.


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