Project: Bootleg

     Dear people of WordPress and Facebook,

     I, The Bored Cashier, have a confession to make: I am the most satisfied whenever I’m engaged in working toward bringing some sort of project to fruition. I simply live for the process of turning ideas that I get all the time and making them realities; I live to produce things. So far, this drive has worked out quite well and has led me into things that would have been unimaginable 10 years ago: this blog, making jewelry, getting to do behind-the-camera work, writing game reviews, the people I’ve been able to meet, etc.

     Unfortunately, there was one instance where this creative drive of mine caused me a lot of unnecessary headaches. I entered into a joint venture with Rashib (Remember that purposeless loser I wrote about extensively in my last post?) with the goal being to sell some burned CDs and make a little extra cash. I took to calling the whole ordeal Project Bootleg and it was the most ill-advised project I have ever taken on. By all accounts, it should have been the easiest hustle in the world provided that there were two capable people handling it. Heck, even one capable person would have had an easier time. (God! Why didn’t I just do THAT?!)

     I really wish I could say Project: Bootleg started out OK and then went to hell in a hand basket, but it was a nightmare right out of the gate. Here’s another valuable lesson I learned the hard way last summer: the success or failure of an endeavor may have less to do with its nature and more to do with who it is undertaken with. Even career criminals can build something together if they have the right partners. Seriously, if you work with the wrong people you could wind up dealing with all sort of nonsense. I personally had to put up with crap like . . .

*Doing all the goddamn work . . .

     I fully understand that I was the one with the computer and the CD burning software, but why did I also have to do color-coordinated labeling, packaging, and quality control? I couldn’t have given less of a crap about Meek Mill and Rich Homie Quan; I was positive that their music sucked. And then there was that pile of bootleg movies I had to sort through. I had to separate the ones that played from the ones that didn’t.

*. . .while dealing with the most obnoxious working conditions ever!

     I was already doing time-consuming, boring-ass work so I didn’t appreciate being faced with

  • Getting yelled at and cursed out because I wasn’t completely sure about something
  • Being rushed and harassed about my progress (Are you at your computer yet? How many have you done? What’s taking so long?) It’s technology, not magic you idiot!
  • Being insulted and talked down to whenever anything went even slightly wrong (I never bounced back from that)

*The simplest tasks took For. Ever.

     And by that I mean far longer than they were supposed to. Tell me, technologically literate people: How long would it take for one person to burn, label, and package 50 blank CDs? A day or two maybe? What about two technologically literate people dividing the work between them? Would it take them only a couple hours? Well, I’ll have you all know that it took me almost a week to get all 50 done. Not because it was an exceptionally difficult thing to do but because it took me about four days just to get my hands on them all. That’s a story I don’t feel like getting into; it alone could probably take an entire blog post to explain.

     And from there, everything else took another two or three days for a number of reasons.

  1. I had so many hours to work on it all due to my cashiering duties.
  2. Those obnoxious working conditions I already talked about, especially the rushing and the harassment.
  3. I WAS NOT about to was all of my non-working hours on this BS. I had other (and better) things to do.

*I didn’t make no flippin’ money!

     I’m dead serious. After all those CDs I burned, the pile of bootleg movies I quality checked, the stupidity and craziment I wrote about in my last post, and all those hours I wasted on this foolishness when I could (and, in hindsight, should) have been doing something more constructive I never saw a f***ing dime!! I know I normally would never even hint at such vulgar language since I’d like to keep the Bored Cashier Blog PG. But how would you react in my shoes? You’d rightly be pissed off. I still kinda am and the rage was real back then.

*I ended up with nothing

     Nothing that I wanted, anyway. There was not a single reward to be had for all my monotonous work, only headaches I didn’t need. There was also a bunch of music I didn’t care on CDs that were never going to be sold and taking up space on one of my flash drives. After cleaning up said flash drive and throwing the CDs in the trash (which felt freakin’ faboulous!) only the sandwich bags I was packing the CDs in remained. I was determined to put those to good use as storage for snacks and the various pieces of jewelry I should have been making.

     Yep. Sandwich bags. That’s what Project: Bootleg all boiled down to in the end. But at least I walked away with something, right? #obvioussarcasmisobvious



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